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Carousel has been our Children’s programme on a Sunday morning for about 5 months now. It is proving to be a fun and engaging resource enabling the children and leaders to explore God’s word. The youngsters aged 11+ go to their own group called ‘Connected’. All children under 11 are placed into three teams (with an option of crèche for the little ones). These children rotate around the Story zone, Game/topic zone and Craft zone, spending 15 minutes in each area (like a carousel!)

The theme for the week follows through each of the zones. This term we are looking at the life of Jesus and exploring stories from the gospels. The topics we are covering are; God’s love and protection, Prayer, and Who is Jesus?

A new memory verse is learned each month. January’s verse is; Psalm 139 v 3 “You know where I go and where I lie down, You know everything I do”

There is a team of helpers who each help one week in every 4. There are currently gaps in the rota, and if you feel it is a ministry God is calling you to do get in touch with Rachel who will be very happy to give you more information