Mike’s thoughts on ‘Freedom in Christ’


Jesus commanded us    ”Go and make disciples”.     We may have made some converts, but how many real disciples?

Far too many ordinary Christians struggle to take hold of basic Biblical truths and live them out.

We often take a painfully long time to mature. We get “stuck” to negative effects from the past

We go round and round in cycles of spiritual confusion and habitual sin.

We can be completely unaware there is freedom to discover and enjoy!

The Freedom in Christ Course can help you resolve personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance, help you take hold of the truth of who you are in Christ and move you to maturity.

Over 10 weeks, it sets out to:

  • Explain the amazing truths of what Jesus has done in a way that you can then integrate into your daily life
  • Help you understand the nature of the spiritual battle you are now in; equipping you to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil
  • Help you take hold of the authority you now have in Christ and  resolve personal and spiritual conflicts
  • Equip you to continue to live in the freedom gained so that you can go on to maturity and bear fruit.

We Have run the course several times now and hope to do again but if you missed it but want to learn more about then the following links may prove helpful:

Take a look at videos by The Freedom in Christ team.

Download a sample from a participant’s workbook

Download a sample of a Session’s slides (in pdf format)

Download summaries of the sessions

If you want to pursue these ideas and thoughts for yourself then please contact me directly.

God Bless you all