Want to know more?

If you are interested in exploring the Christian faith and way of life then do get in touch or come and visit us one Sunday.

There is no one way to discovering Faith in God and no one way that that faith is expressed in our lives.  We are all different and God welcomes us all.

The invitation is sincere.  The way is your’s. You might pick up the phone to talk to Mike or e mail him or come along on a Sunday.


Welcome to the Alpha course.

This course is designed very much to help people who are not yet at a point where they can say that they believe.

It is for people who just have questions and want them answered – who want to know more.  There is no commitment, no cost and it is absolutely OK to raise difficult and challenging questions.

The usual format is to meet every week in the evening and share a simple meal after which there is a talk and then the opportunity in small groups to talk about how you feel about what you have heard and to ask any questions you have.

Although the groups will be led by a member of our fellowship do not expect pat answers all the time; many questions can remain difficult even after you have come to have faith.

The course lasts about twelve weeks but if you miss one or two then that it is not a bar to keep coming.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with Mike.