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Whether you are new to the area, or to our church or to church of any sort, we very much hope that you will find an opportunity to come and meet with us.  You will be very welcome at any of our services.

Our Church is made up of ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

We share in common a trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour and King and a desire to know God better. What unites us is God’s love for each of us and we want to share his love with others in our church, families, community, social lives and places of work.

We meet because we are part of God’s family and we want to learn more about him and express our worship and thanks to him together.

And the Bible has an important place in our gatherings because this is the way God speaks to us and lets us know him better.

You may have a strong and well-established faith or be very unsure about your beliefs; whoever you are, you will be welcome.

And when you visit, please don’t worry about what to wear! We’re a mixed bunch with many different styles – some more formal and others in jeans. Just be comfortable. And we love having the children along too.

If you are new to the Christian faith and want to know more, please follow this link here.

If you are Christian but long to be free of the past then try here.

If you want to pray but don’t know how – do get in touch.

You can e mail our Pastor, Mike Tydeman, by clicking here,  or call him on 01295 721525


“Loving Jesus, loving people – offering hope and fulfilment in Christ”