For Men

Men’s Breakfast – Thursday Mornings

For the early birds, why not come along to our weekly mens’  breakfast prayer meeting held in the church every Thursday morning at 6.30am – Yes thats right 6.30 am for Bacon, Prayer and a sound start to your day. Off to work by 7.30. Talk to Vaughn Armstrong if you want to know more.

Christian Vision for Men

We are also fans of ‘Christian Vision for Men’. If you would like to see just what they have to say about Jesus and Men then try their web site .

Get the Beechy & Wilmott’ Podcast – Its fun as well as reaching deep.

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Cornerstone Men’s Breakfasts

Now its not that our men are obsessed with breakfasts but……

If you are interested in joining other Christian men for a fantastic breakfast and even better some food for your soul then why not join some of the men from our church who go to the Cornerstone Mens’ Breakfast which takes place once a quarter.  You can visit their web site or speak to Rupert Kipping.