Girls’ Brigade

1st Bloxham Girls’ Brigade Company

  •  Girls’ Brigade is a global Christian movement offering fun and friendship in a safe environment.
  • Girls’ Brigade first started in Ireland in 1893.
  • Our Motto is Seek, Serve and Follow Christ
  • 1st Bloxham Company was founded in 1978.
  • We meet at Bloxham Baptist Church on Tuesday evenings during term time. (from 6pm)

There are four different age groups.

n:vestigate for girls  aged 5 -8

n:gage for girls aged 8 – 11

n:counta for girls aged 11 – 14

n:spire for girls aged 14+

  • We enjoy working for badges, learning new skills, games, craft, discovering Jesus and lots more.
  • We also enjoy outings such as bowling and pantomimes, and taking part in village events.
  • Girls’ Brigade is the place to have fun with your friends.

We welcome new members of all ages.  If you would like more information, please contact Sarah Sandy on

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