Supporting Worship



When we come together to worship our Lord there is so much that is done behind the scenes to help us focus our minds on God and commit our whole selves to Him.

Whether a service is held in The Warriner School Hall on Sunday mornings or at other times in the Church at Hawke Lane there are tasks done cheerfully by so many.

At The Warriner  we have to set up the hall with chairs and staging.  We have to set up our PA and Video systems, the Music group, a coffee station as well as arrangements for Junior Church.  We then return it all to its school setting at the end.

Every Sunday Flowers are provided, People welcome us at the doors and others serve us Tea or Coffee.  Junior Church Leaders help set up their areas as well as teaching.

Up to two dozen folk can be involved.

At the Church we also have to set things out and put them away as we use it for so many different Ministries: For Communion, for prayer meetings and Church Meetings, for the Youth Club and Tiddlywinks and Girls’ Brigade as well as hosting the weekly walkers.  We also have to keep it clean.

There are so many ways in folk help involving smaller or larger amounts of time, sometimes to a regular schedule and sometimes more flexibly.

If you would like to help in a new way please speak to one of the Leadership team or click here to mail us.

In the same way if you have been doing something for a long time and need a rest then tell a Leader – it is good to have time just to reflect on The Lord.