You’d be welcome to join in with our Youth activities

At Bloxham Baptist Church we have a vision to see everybody come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour. As such, we believe it is important to create a special environment particularly suited for our youth (Year 7-13’s) to help them meet with God.

We aim to do this alongside our morning services in two ways; by meeting with a specific focus to read God’s Word and worship Him, and also to meet more socially to grow as a community.

  • Youth Social events take place on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.
  • Youth Worship meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

All events and meetings take place at the Chapel on Hawke Lane, from 7.00 – 8:30pm unless otherwise stated.

In addition to this, once a term the girls meet for breakfast, the boys meet for dinner, and the Year 10-13’s share a meal.

Meet our leaders

bloxham baptist youth services deacon bloxham baptist church
Jonny Emily

Here is the program for Winter/Spring 2019

Bloxham Youth Work Program

You can click the image to download a copy.

Youth Podcasts

A NEW development is that there is now teaching available as podcasts to listen to before the next Worship meeting. Give it a listen in your free time and have more to discuss when we meet together on Sunday evening.

Here are the talks that we are currently using

Section Text Title Listen/Download
1 Mark 1 & 2 Mark 1 & 2 Introduction and Text
2 Mark 1 Mark 1 Commentary
3 Mark 2 Mark 2 Commentary
4 Mark 3 & 4 Mark 3 & 4 Text
5 Mark 3 Mark 3 Commentary
6 Mark 4 Mark 4 Commentary
7 Mark 5 Mark 5 Text
8 Mark 5a Mark 5a Commentary
9 Mark 5b Mark 5b Commentary
10 Mark 6 Mark 6 Text
11 Mark 6 Mark 6 Commentary
12 Mark 7 Mark 7 Text
13 Mark 7 Mark 7 Commentary
14 Mark 8 Mark 8 Text
15 Mark 8 Mark 8 Commentary
16 Mark 9 Mark 9 Text
17 Mark 9 Mark 9 Commentary Part A
18 Mark 9 Mark 9 Commentary Part B
19 Mark 10 Mark 10 Text
20 Mark 10 Mark 10 Commentary