What we believe

Basis Of Faith

We affirm our belief in the following crucial doctrines which should lead to mutual love, practical Christian service and evangelical concern;

  1. We believe that the Old and New Testament scriptures were wholly inspired by God and are entirely trustworthy and are, therefore, the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  2. We believe that all human beings are separated from the holy and pure God by their disobedience and sin and, therefore, face God’s judgement.
  3. We believe that Jesus Christ. The Son of God in human form yet truly God, died in our place to pay the penalty for our sin, and overcame its power in our lives so that we can come back into the right relationship with God who cannot tolerate sin.
  4. We believe that by our faith in Jesus Christ we are made perfect in God’s sight if we repent of our sins. Jesus took our sin on Himself when He died on the cross for us individually and was raised to life again to overcome death, and then returned to live with God in Heaven.
  5. We believe that God, the Holy Spirit, lives in all who have faith in Jesus Christ, to reveal more about God, and to guide, strengthen, and renew them, giving them the power to do the tasks God wants them to do.
  6. We believe  that all who believe in Jesus are united in Him and form the one Universal Church on earth and all who participate equally in the ministry of that church.
  7. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was taken back into Heaven after His resurrection and we anticipate with great joy His return in similar personal and visible form in great power and glory.